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SC Fair Play, Does it effect Vero and your Clash of Clans?

No. Vero work like a normal user actions. There is no hack or cheat, modding. It is safe to use with SuperCell Fair Play TOS.

1. What is Vero?

Vero is an automation software that help you auto play clash of clans 24/7. Vero use image search and normal human click to simulate your action with clash of clans, like a normal human. Vero can auto attack, auto search, build, upgrade wall & heroes, max your resources, defense easy and help you farm trophies, collect resources, donate and request clans, ... see more here!

2. Is there limit on Vero Free?

Yes. You can run 5 hours per day only and all advance function is disabled on Free version. However, you still get max resources with 5 hours with Vero free. All setting will be automate setup for you.

3. Can I use Vero on mobile?

Yes but it is more expensive than Vero on computer, see more detail here. If you have any question feel free email to to ask.

4. Can I use Vero on windows 10?

Yes, Vero support windows xp, 7, 8, 8.1, window server 2003, 2008, 2012 and windows 10 both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

5. I am playing Clash of Clans with IOS device. Can I use Vero?

Yes. You can use Vero even you are IOS or Android, Just follow this tutorial to setup with IOS.

6. Does Vero Bot is real?

We know this is a amazing thing and may be new with you. Vero is Free to try, you can check by your hand, just install Vero and see that real. Or you can see the camera recorded video here

7. Where can i get Vero?

Click the button below to download Vero. After that follow the installation instruction here.

Download Vero - Clash of Clans bot now! Powered by Vero

8. How can I use Vero?

Just click start on Vero and see Vero work for you. Want more? Check out Vero case study page.

9. I am getting error "Image Search not working". What should I do?

Some Vero script file have been missing from your computer. Close and reopen Vero to let Vero download the missing file for you, allow overwrite if windows ask, then click start and wait 30 second to check the issue had been resolved.

10. I am starting Vero and nothing doing. What should I do?

  • Make sure you are using the support version of Bluestack. If not sure, just uninstall Bluestack and open Vero again. Vero will download the support version for you. Or direct download Bluestacks from this.
  • Still get nothing running, Email to to get help from technical

11. I am getting download Clash of Clans each time start Vero. What should I do?

  • You are using the unsupported version of Bluestack. Please uninstall Bluestack then download the Bluestacks support verison here.
  • If you still can not fixed this issue, Email to to get help from technical

12. Will I be able to use Vero in Clan War?

Currently No. But maybe on the feature Vero will support clan war. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ for more update details soon!

13. How many gold i can get per night with Vero?

You will get full gold storage per night ( 8 millions of Gold and 8 millions of Elixir) like this. If not please email to to check the setting on your account and get max resources in 1 night.

14. Where can I buy Vero?

You can click register on Vero and follow the instruction to buy or visit direct link here.

15. Can I get a refund for my Vero payment?

Yes, We offer 100% refund for first 7 day after purchase for any reasons. After the refund your license will be deactivated too. Please email to with your payment code incase you want a refund.

16. Can i buy and use Vero license later?

Yes, Vero license count from the date you entered it to Vero. You can buy and use it 1 week or 1 month or anytime later.

17. I have the license key. How can I use it on Vero?

  • Click register on Vero
  • Input your received key
  • Click ok then your Vero will get registered. Close and re open Vero to unlock all feature.

18. How can I know my Vero have been registered?

When you get registered, you will see your expired date on the top of Vero. To unlock all feature, close and reopen to unlock full feature after registered.

19. There is many information on Vero, What is it?

Vero have detailed status report on the graphical user interface and there is many information. To know what it is, see this description.

20. Is there any promotion or discount for Vero?

Currently, we have 3 promotions. And big discount for clan buy, please email to to get good discount rate for your clans.

21. Have another question or need help on Vero. How do I get to the Vero Team?

22. How i can setup Vero on my MacBook?

It is super simple and easy to use Vero on MacOS. Just follow this tutorial to setup with MacOS.

23. How to fix: "Please enable Aero Theme to use Vero!"?

Please right click on your Desktop then select Personalize options and choose the Windows Aero Theme to fix this .